Best Balcony Bar Table For Your Balcony Or Patio In 2023

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Looking for a balcony bar table that is both functional and stylish? Look no further! For this article, we have reviewed and ranked the best balcony bar tables available on the market for your convenience.

From elegant, multipurpose balcony bar furniture, to simple, straightforward folding tables, these balcony bar tables will take your outdoor experience to the next level.

Whether you want to entertain guests, enjoy some cocktails and snacks, or perhaps need an outdoor desk for your laptop – keep reading to find the best balcony bar ideas and options for your needs!


THE FURNIKNA BALCONY BAR TABLE FOR RAILINGS is a beautiful and extremely functional bar table that is available in four different sizes.

The design of the Furnikna balcony bar table

The design behind this product is great given that it embraces a classic design, while still having a modern feel to it. The Furnikna has a brownish color that fits well with almost any balcony you can think of.

Size and weight of the balcony bar table

The smallest of the four available sizes measures 60*37cm/23.6*14.56 inches and weighs 11.82 pounds.

The largest of the four available sizes measures 120*37cm / 47.2*14.56 inches and weighs 19.06 pounds.

Thus, you can find a suitable table size both for smaller and larger balconies.

The material of the balcony bar table

All frames are made using very thick and durable aluminum and 304 stainless steel screws, which can withstand even the roughest of surroundings. The table itself is made of durable and beautiful wood.

Thus, this hanging table is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, perfect for both balconies, patios, verandas, etc.

Assembly and installation

The product includes all installation tools needed and you should be able to hang it and tighten it over any balcony railing in a matter of seconds once you have assembled it.


Beautiful, sleek design

Available in 4 different sizes

Fits any patio, deck, or balcony railing

Easy to install

Fold it down when not in use to save space

Great price


Only available in one color

Does not include chairs

This is our choice for the overall best balcony bar table for the money as it works perfectly both for dining, and drinks and as an outdoor workspace. We also love that this balcony bar table for railings takes up very little floor space when it’s in use and that it folds flat without much work when you don’t need it.

What Amazon reviewer A. Grigg has to say:

“This balcony bar honestly was a breeze to put together. Solid metal and heavy wood materials that feel robust and would stand up to heavy winds.”


Balcony bar on high rise building with sunset in background.
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THE ACACIA BALCONY RAILING BAR TABLE from Views Balcony Bar is a gorgeous handmade balcony bar set that includes brackets and a bar top with backsplash. It is available in two different sizes, 4 Ft and 5 Ft.

The design of the balcony bar table

This is hands down the most beautiful hanging balcony bar table for railing we have found online, this is handmade craftsmanship at its best. On top of the fact that it is so utterly stylish, it also comes in three beautiful colors (Charcoal, Teak and Chocolate Brown).

Size and weight of the balcony bar table

The size height and length depth for the two sizes are:

4 Ft Bar 5.5″ 48″/4 Ft 12″

5 Ft Bar 5.5″ 60″/5 Ft 12″

18 pounds

The material of the balcony bar table

This product is made of durable premium materials. The brackets are made of powder-coated stainless steel, and the table itself is made of natural Acacia wood that is protected from the elements with a premium semi-transparent stain. Acacia is exceptionally solid wood, able to stand up to severe weather conditions.

Assembly and installation

The bar top brackets are already assembled. Just follow the attached directions to attach the wooden bar top to the brackets and secure it to the railing.


Stunning design

Top quality materials

2 sizes and 3 color options

Easy to install



Chairs not included

A bit pricey

This is our choice for the overall best balcony bar table regardless of cost. If you want the most stunning balcony bar available with possibly the best quality on the market, then this option is for you. Choose the color and the size that best fits your balcony!

What Etsy reviewer Jessica H has to say:

“OMG – This is the nicest piece of furniture in my apartment. The quality is incredible and it looks so freaking good. Super easy to install.”

How to install it on your balcony:


THE SUNDALE HANGING BALCONY TABLE is optimal for those with a small balcony and a small budget. This folding balcony bar table comes in three different formats, one semicircle version, and two different rectangle versions.

The design of the balcony bar table

The Sundale balcony table has a timeless classic look to it in black color. It goes well with small balconies or patios and it is suitable for one, or perhaps two persons, enjoying a coffee outdoors.

Size and weight of the balcony bar table

The semicircle version: 23.6″x15.6″

6.5 pounds

The material of the balcony bar table

The table is made of wicker, high-density polyethylene, and frames of metal.

Assembly and installation

This table is much lighter than many of the other options and easy to assemble according to other happy customers.



Easy to assemble 

Perfect for small balconies

Great price


Only one color is available

A bit small

This is our choice for the best cheap balcony table for people with small balconies or patios. If you only want a small table that is enough for some snacks or a drink, then this is perfect. It also comes with 2 holes serving as cup-holders.

What Amazon reviewer Bianca G says:

“I love this table. It’s perfect for our narrow balcony!”


THE MIYU FURNITURE 3-PIECE BALCONY BAR has everything you need to start enjoying your balcony space fully!

Finally, you’ll get a beautifully designed balcony bar with two stools included, that all fit perfectly together. The stools can be put under the bar when not being used.

The design of the balcony bar table

The onyx-colored 3-piece balcony bar set has a stunning modern design that suits most balconies, decks, and patios. The best features are probably its awesome functionality and durability, and the fact that it can be mounted to virtually any railing. 

Size and weight of the balcony bar table

48.03 x 13.5 x 40.35 inches (48″ Wide)

30 Pounds

The material of the balcony bar table

This balcony bar set is made of wrought aluminum with a UV-resistant powder coat finish.

Assembly and installation

Requires assembly. Manual included.


Sleek modern design

Stools included

Very functional

Perfect for a home of two people


Only one color is available

A bit pricey for some

This is our choice for the best complete balcony bar set that will suit almost any balcony space. With this set, you’ll have a stunning balcony breakfast bar or dining “balco bar” with two stools that go perfectly with it and that can rest under the bar table when not in use.

What Amazon reviewer Kimmy has to say:

“Thanks to the manufacturers for creating this wonderful product! This balcony bar is sturdy and comfortable! We’re able to enjoy our view and our meals at the same time!”


CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT’S CARIBBEAN BALCONY BAR SET is a beautiful 3-piece set including both a balcony bar table as well as a pair of stools.

The design of the balcony bar table

This is a stunning balcony bar table set made of Acacia wood with handcrafted details that will impress any person with an eye for beautiful quality craft. This wooden balcony bar table of the color “Natural Stained” also comes with a shelf under the table, allowing for smart storage, or a place to rest your feet.

Size and weight of the balcony bar table

16.50 inches deep x 48.00 inches wide x 49.75 inches high 

57.32 Pounds

The material of the balcony bar table and chairs

Acacia wood

Assembly and installation

Assembly is required. However, Amazon reviewer Heather had this to say:

“I love this so much. As a woman that doesn’t usually build things, I found this easy to build and attach it to my balcony all by myself.”


Beautiful handcrafted details

Extra shelf

Stools included

Very functional

Perfect for a home of two people


Only one color is available

A bit heavy (although it may ship in several boxes separately)

This is our choice for the best complete balcony bar set with extra shelf. The natural wooden color blends well with nature. Perfect for two people.

Balcony bar table DIY

If you’re a handy person, it is also possible to build a balcony bar table DIY with the right materials and tools. The first step in building the balcony bar table is to measure the dimensions of the space where it will be placed.

Once the dimensions are known, the correct amount of wood can be purchased and cut to size. You will need some tools to get the job done, or you can have them prepared for you where you buy wood and materials!

Here’s a great video showing you how to create a fold down balcony bar table DIY:

How to clean a balcony bar table

If you have a manual for your product, follow it. If not, use a wet rag to wipe down the surface of the table. If there is any stubborn dirt or grime, use a mild cleaning agent such as dish soap to help loosen it.

Finally, rinse the table with a little water and allow it to dry completely using a soft cloth before using it again.

Final thoughts on the best balcony bar tables

In conclusion, if you are still looking for the best balcony bar table for your needs, then we recommend taking another deeper look at the balcony bars we have mentioned in this article. They are all high-quality, durable, and stylish, so it all comes down to your preferred taste and the purpose of your balcony top bar.

P.S. Here’s a list of our favorite accessories to have on balconies.

Frequently asked questions

What is a balcony bar table?

Balcony bar tables are a type of table that is typically found on balconies and is normally used for dining or drinking. They are often round or square and have either glass, wood, or metal top. Balcony bar tables are a great option for smaller spaces, as they can be tucked away when not in use.

Are balcony bar tables expensive?

Outdoor balcony bar tables can be expensive. The cost of the table typically depends on the size and the material of the table. You can also make a balcony bar for free at home if you have some wooden boards laying around.

Where can I buy a balcony bar top?

The best place to buy a balcony bar top would likely be a specialty retailer that specializes in selling furniture and home decor for outdoor spaces. You might also try looking online, as there are many retailers who sell bar tops and other furniture for outdoor spaces on their websites.

Where can I buy a patio bar?

Patio tables or patio bars can be bought at many home and garden stores, and typically come in a variety of materials such as wood, metal, or plastic. You can also buy your patio table or patio bar online on websites like Amazon or Etsy.

How to make a balcony bar table

Apartment balcony bar tables are typically made of wood or metal. The first step in making a balcony bar table is to measure and cut the wood or metal to the desired size. Next, the wood or metal should be sanded down and then stained or painted to the desired color. Finally, the table should be sealed with a sealant to protect it from moisture before mounting it on your balcony bar rail.

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