Hoisting Furniture Over Balcony (5 Most Popular Ways)

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Furniture hoisting is a great way to move large, bulky pieces. However, it is important to know how to properly do it before you start hoisting furniture over balcony, as this is also a question of safety.

In this article, we present several ways, and tools needed, to hoist furniture up and down your balcony. Keep reading to find out which option is the most suitable for your balcony!

How to hoist furniture over balcony

If you have a balcony on your home, you may be wondering how to hoist furniture over it safely and without damaging the railing and balustrade.

The first step in hoisting oversized pieces of furniture is to prepare the area. Remove all parts of furniture and other things that are not attached to the floor. This will make the process of moving easier.

The second thing to do is to wrap the furniture. This will keep the straps from rubbing against the walls and the railings and protect the furniture from damage while hoisting it.

A motorized hoist with a long rope is recommended for this task. Ensure that the balcony is level, and the rope is long enough. Also, when hoisting furniture over a balcony, be sure that any piece of clothing does not hang on the railing (yes, I know, it might sound ridiculous, but people do forget their clothes there!).

While it is always preferable to move the furniture over a deck balcony, the furniture might not be able to be easily maneuvered over a house’s siding.

For safety reasons and to prevent damage, we do recommend hiring professionals when it’s time for hoisting furniture over balcony, especially if the pieces are heavy and if the balcony is placed higher up.

In addition, it’s important that no people are on the ground at the place of hoisting on a moving day. If you live in a rental apartment, talk with the landlord before embarking on any hoisting project.

Hoisting couch over balcony

You’ll typically need two or more people to hoist a couch over a balcony. One person will hold it while the other pulls the hoisting strap. Two people should be on the ground.

When it’s time to move the couch, use couch sliders. They make the process much easier, and they can be used with only one pair of hands.

Another important step when hoisting a couch over a balcony is to ensure that the straps are durable and secure. Make sure the straps are tightly tied around the couch, and make sure that the knots are not complicated so that they don’t come undone when it’s in the air.

Once you’ve secured the straps, you can try to lift the couch over the balcony. This is an easier task if you use a couch that is lightweight and compact.

Hoist sofa over balcony

In order to hoist a sofa over a balcony, you will need to have two people at the bottom of the sofa and one at the top. As the sofa rises, one person will pull the hoisting strap.

The second person should only pull the strap as tightly as necessary to keep the sofa from hitting the house. Someone on the ground can then run up the balcony and help carry the sofa to the balcony.

To hoist a sofa over a balcony, you can use a sofa slider. This device will help you lift the sofa over the rails, without having to bend over or use a ladder.

Sofa sliders will also allow you to pull the couch over the balcony with little effort, and they can also be used to hoist a sofa that is too heavy to lift.

To make this process easier and safer, you should wrap the furniture with padding before pulling it over the railing.


Apartment balcony hoist options

There are many advantages of apartment-style living, but the downsides can also be a pain. For example, bicycles and groceries must be rolled up the stairs and down again, as well as furniture when it’s time to move.

If these pains become too much, an apartment balcony hoist can help. Many hoists cost less than $50 and can be assembled by the homeowner within a few hours. These devices can be used to lift heavy and lightweight items.

In the paragraphs below, we present different options for hoisting furniture over balcony, so that you can get an idea of which approach will be the best for your balcony situation.

Mini balcony crane

A mini balcony crane is small and can be adjusted to fit any area. They can also be used to stabilize items on uneven ground. Here are a few ways to use a mini crane:

  • You can buy a remote-control mini crane. These can be operated remotely from any location. A remote-control mini balcony crane is the perfect solution for those who are confined to small spaces or balconies.
  • A telescopic crane is often used for large construction projects and can lift large, high-rise structures. However, there are smaller telescopic cranes on the market as well. This type of crane is most commonly used for short-term projects, such as building a fence or lifting a boat.

Apartment balcony pulley system

Apartment balconies can be tricky to access when moving if you’re not familiar with the ropes and pulley systems that can help you navigate the area. Depending on the type of furniture you have, the pulleys may either be single or double. If you’re using single pulleys, you can use a long rope. Make sure the ropes are sturdy and made of a material that’s not too slippery.

If you don’t have access to the balcony, you could ask your landlord to put a temporary bar system up.

You can also get a pulley for your scooter or bike and install it in a few hours. While this method may seem complicated, it’s actually quite simple and won’t cost much.

Diy balcony pulley system

Old hoisting pulley device of wood.

Building a pulley system is easy if you have a small balcony and some rope. You can easily attach a carabiner to an arm and tie a rope. The rope should be thick enough to fit in the pulley with room to spare. Before you can mount the pulleys, you must cut the ends of the rope so that they do not fray.

The ropes that you will need for the pulleys are available at hardware stores. Just make sure to buy a high-quality rope, or choose a material that won’t rip. The higher the rope, the more force you will need to exert to lift the object.

You’ll need a rope that is thick enough to support the weight of the object you want to lift. If the rope breaks, it will cause the object to fall, which can be very dangerous (!).

Swivel balcony hoist

The swivel balcony hoist can be a great help when hoisting furniture over balcony or moving items from one level to another. The arm of the hoist needs to swing out sufficiently to raise an item. You should also take into account the rotation of the arm on its way up.

Unlike a ring, the arm of a swivel hoist can pivot 180 degrees or swivel 360 degrees. The swivel feature also allows the load to rotate without losing its rated capacity.

Swivel hoists are not designed to carry a large weight. They are only meant for smaller items, making them suitable for light chairs or groceries, etc. They can be used for balconies and cantilever terraces.

The swivel ring is available in many different colors and materials, and you can find one that fits your needs perfectly. However, they cannot be used for side-mounted balconies.

Balcony crane lift

A crane lift is a mechanical device that pulls or lets out a wire rope. It can be attached to a heavy object and can lift it to a certain height. The advantage of a crane is that it can rotate 360 degrees and move its load in a small space. It’s also easy to install and provides great mobility.

A long horizontal arm has a hook that holds the load. The arm also contains a motor and a trolley. The motor and the hook work together to lift the load. The crane is relatively easy to operate, but depending on its size, you might need to be a professional to use it.

Hiring a professional crane lifter is probably the best way to go.

Using a balcony hoist for groceries

A balcony hoist for groceries allows you to easily move objects from the ground floor to the balcony on the second floor or above. Most of these appliances have a swivel mechanism that allows you to tilt the device at any angle. In addition, a balcony hoist can help you save time and energy if you have lots of groceries to carry home.

A hoist normally consists of a trolley or other lifting device with a pulley mechanism. The trolley is made of metal and can be customized to suit your needs.

In addition to the standard configuration, a balcony hoist for groceries is available in various designs, including those that include a wheel kit and ramps.

Final thoughts on hoisting furniture over balcony

We hope that by having read this article, you now have a better understanding of the options available when hoisting furniture over balcony, and that you’ve found a suitable approach for your own balcony.

We would also like to suggest that you read the Frequently asked questions section below, as there is more useful info to be found there, perhaps relevant to your situation.

Frequently asked questions

How to make a hoist

You can build a homemade hoist in a short period of time. All you need is threaded rods, bearings, cable, hook, gear, and nut. You can add a gear and nut for easy movement of goods. These materials are not hard to find and can save you time and money.

The hoist mechanism can be operated manually or by an electric panel. Some models have joysticks and buttons that send commands to an electric panel. If you have the resources, you can build a bigger one for a larger industrial facility.

How to hoist furniture when moving

There are many things to consider before hoisting furniture over balcony. It is best to disassemble any piece of furniture that is not easy to move.

For instance, if you have a sofa that is too heavy, you may want to remove the cushion or legs. Once the pieces are disassembled, they will be much lighter and easier to move.

After wrapping the furniture, strap it down tightly. Choose a sturdy strap and fasten it around the entire furniture.

A long rope is also an effective way to lift furniture. Then, use the hoisting technology to lift the furniture. For example, it is best to use a two-person crew when lifting a couch. Remember, small, smooth movements are best. Do not lift the couch while it is leaning at an angle.

To move heavy, bulky pieces, you should use a professional hoisting service.

How to hoist furniture through a window

First, you’ll need to secure the straps to the furniture. These straps should have loops at the four corners on the top and bottom. They should be tightly knotted so that they don’t slip off in the air.

Next, you’ll need to attach the ropes to the straps. These ropes will hold the furniture in place while you hoist it through the window.

Once you’ve secured the rope and the straps, you can begin hoisting the piece through the window.

While it’s possible to lift some items through windows using sliders, this method is much more difficult. You’ll need two people on the window sill and one person on the ground to pull the ropes.

This technique is a great way to move large pieces of heavy or bulky furniture through the air, but you should be sure that you can balance the entire thing properly.

Most importantly, take precautionary measures for safety and make sure no people are under the window when hoisting. Hiring professionals to carry out hoisting services is always recommended.

How to hoist furniture second floor

When moving to a second-floor apartment, you should know how to hoist your furniture to the upper floors without breaking them.

The most common way is to use an inclined plane, which will help you move the pieces to the upper floors (depending on how high up they are).

Another way to do this is by using a hoist. The first step in moving furniture to or from a second floor is to wrap it in a sheet to protect it from the straps. This will prevent the straps from rubbing the railing or walls of the apartment.

Once it’s wrapped, you can begin lifting it. The best way to do this is by using a motorized hoist, which will save your back and help you move the furniture to the second floor with less effort.

It’s also a good idea to pad the area beneath the window or balcony before lowering furniture.

How to find a furniture hoisting service near me

The easiest way to find furniture hoisting services near you is by using Google. Type in the following in the Google search field: furniture hoisting service in Detroit (you’ll simply remove Detroit and write your location).

If you have lots of bulky and heavy objects, it is recommended to call a furniture hoisting service to help you move your furniture. This way, they will bring a professional balcony lift and you don’t have to worry about storage (if you had planned to buy your own hoisting tool).

Professionals use specialized equipment and experience to lift objects safely. It is best to hire a service for this task, which will typically cost anywhere from $75 to several hundred dollars per hour. When choosing a service, make sure to look for a business that is licensed to handle this type of work.

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