How to Decorate Balcony – 5 Simple Steps

how to decorate balcony

There is nothing better than freshening up a space in your home. But one of the more neglected spaces can sometimes be the balcony. If you live in a condo or apartment, you probably have a pretty great balcony that could be even better. However, if you are a creative or DIY type, you may still be overwhelmed when thinking about how to decorate balcony.

We have put together five fun and easy tips for making sure your balcony is the haven you want it to be. No matter what your taste is, these steps will work for you. Even if you aren’t the designer type.

Following these steps will help you create a balcony that will have you smiling. Not only will you rush home from work so you can sit out there and sip an after-work beverage, but your friends and family will want to be there, too.

A cozy, inviting balcony can invite relaxation and gatherings. We hope these steps will be easy to follow to get you started in the right direction.

Step 1: Empty the Space

This will probably be your least favorite part of the process. I know it is mine. Moving furniture and taking things off of the wall can be tedious at best. But it is the best when starting off with a clean slate. A fresh canvas to decorate and design is going to be the best way to do a complete balcony overhaul.

If you don’t have much on your balcony right now, or if the furnishings are a bare minimum, then this step will be really easy. Just get everything off of the balcony and then clean your balcony floor. Once you’ve done that, take a step back.

I’m not generally a very inspired person. Ideas don’t just come to me when it comes to design and decorating, but an empty space can jump-start even the most stubborn imagination. It is easier to imagine how you would like the balcony to be if there is nothing there to tell you what it was.

Don’t worry, this step will be really boring and probably labor-intensive for some of you, but it will pay off when you are relaxing on your newly decorated balcony.

Step 2: Decide on a Color Palette and Theme

If step one was your least favorite part, then this step might be your most favorite part. Once you have a clean slate, then you need to figure out how you are going to add some color and fun. If coming up with design ideas isn’t something you enjoy, try checking out Pinterest or this previous blog post with some great inspiration and ideas.

There isn’t really anywhere else besides Pinterest where you are going to find so much inspiration in one place. Probably nowhere else. You can start with a really general search such as “how to decorate balcony” or “balcony design ideas.”  These searches will bring up more results than you can possibly sift through, so this is the time to know what kind of colors and themes you like.

For me, I like a global palette with a bohemian type theme. The Bohemian design is great when you want to feel like you are anywhere but the US. A Moroccan feel is what I usually go for. Those are oranges, deep blues, and lots of fringe. Asian inspired themes and palettes are also really fun…

If you don’t know what you like, start searching and see what catches your eye. Or look around your apartment and find the decor you like the most. What are the colors? Why do you like those pieces? What you have can point you to what you want.

This is a foundational step because you need to know where you are going, to get there.

Step 3: Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Okay, painters, this next step is all for you. If you struggled your way through the first two steps just waiting to get to the painting, then wait no more. It is time to tape off the trim, cover the balcony floor, and don those old jeans.

Once you have decided on the color palette and have gone to the local paint store to get the paint for the walls and trim, it will finally be time to add some color. If you are renting an apartment or condo, then you need to get permission to paint first.

how to decorate balcony

However, if you live in a place that sells apartments and condos and you own yours, then you probably don’t need permission, but do verify this first.

Here is a little tip for those of you that end up not being able to paint your balcony. You can find or make great wall hangings in the color palette that you chose. This could be tapestries, curtains, macrame, or anything else that adds color and life to plane white balcony walls.

There are always ways to get around not being able to paint. You may have to get creative or even jump back on Pinterest for some more ideas on how to decorate balcony.

Step 4: Shop For, Repaint, Repurpose Furnishings

I have some friends that are amazing when it comes to repainting and repurposing old furniture. They spend hours scouring thrift stores looking for hidden treasures and then make them something new. I am not that person. But they help me when I need it.

When the walls are done and you are ready to furnish the space, you can choose a few ways to do this. Some people like to shop for new things to put on the balcony. This is great if you have the budget for it. But some people will need to make their dollars stretch.

You can do what my friends do and find awesome pieces that have been donated or discarded by others and give them new life. If you aren’t great at this, then grab a friend that is. They will be more than willing to help, especially if this is what they love to do.

You can also move some inside furniture out. Oftentimes we have way more than we need in our homes and actually could use some downsizing. Taking some pieces that work with your theme and moving them outside could take care of two birds with one stone without spending any money.

The key is to stay in budget and in theme. If you choose something like the bohemian theme then you can be really eclectic with furniture. Mix and match works great for some themes while others may need to be more matchy.

Another quick tip to make the space cozier is to add an outdoor rug or artificial grass. These can be found at thrift stores, yard sales, online marketplaces, or many other places. 

Step 5: Arrange Your Furnishings and Decor

how to decorate balcony

Okay, this is the last step. Arranging the furniture and decor, so they work the best in the space, is something that may have to be achieved over a few attempts.

If you put everything in one place but then decide it doesn’t work there, then move things around. Nothing is set in stone or glued to the floor. Rearrange things until you get your balcony exactly the way you want it!

Final Thoughts on How to Decorate Balcony

Now that you have completed the five steps and learned the basics on how to decorate balcony, there is nothing left to do but grab a drink and invite friends and family to enjoy your newly decorated balcony. Take the time every day to enjoy your balcony. We hope it is inviting and promotes relaxation at the beginning and end of each day.

Elle Peters

Elle is a self-described “balcony nerd” and spends a lot of time on her balcony planting flowers and vegetables. She loves writing about new balcony decoration and gardening.

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