How To Hang String Lights On Balcony: A Simple Guide

Whether it is for Christmas, New Year celebrations, or a special occasion such as a birthday, decorating your home with lights seems like a great idea. String lights, no matter how simple they may appear, are a beautiful decoration. They are commonly used to decorate patios and decks, but with space-limited places like a balcony, it can be challenging to use them correctly.

It is possible to hang string lights on a balcony. However, you need to be a bit creative and work with what you have. You may be required to reduce the number of bulbs to avoid making your balcony appear clustered. The goal is to make it attractive and not stuffy.

In this article, you will learn how to hang string lights on balcony the right way and everything you need to do so.

How to Hang String Lights on Balcony

Hanging string lights doesn’t have to be complicated. It is more straightforward if you have hung them before in a deck or a patio, only that this time you need to watch your space.

Here is a simple guide you can follow:

Get the Necessary Supplies

Every project requires supplies and tools to help you manage it. When hanging string lights, you need to have the following with you:

  • Screw Eye Hooks (link to Amazon): When planning to hang your string lights without nails, screw eye hooks seem to be an excellent substitute. They are easy to work with, and they leave minimal damage to your wall. Screw eye hooks tend to work on different wall surfaces, except stucco. In this case, you might need to use wall anchors that are specific to stucco.
  • Heavy Duty String Lights (link to Amazon): When shopping for string lights, you might want to choose the heavy-duty string lights. They have an impeccable life span and can withstand harsh weather, such as winter. The cord is very strong and cannot be affected by constant winds. A visit to a local shop or browsing online stores like Amazon will help you get what you need.
  • D Ring Clips (link to Amazon): Because they are designed to hold things into place, the D Ring clips will help support the cord. They are durable and made of steel.

Hanging the String Lights

Now that you have everything you need, it’s time to get started. Depending on your dedication, this process can be done within a few hours. Follow these steps:

Know Your Measurements

Every balcony has unique measurements depending on the size and the design of the house. Avoid estimations and take actual measurements. This will help you know how many lights are needed for your balcony. It also makes it easy to identify the exact length of the cord required for your project.

Avoid Hanging the Cord with the Bulbs On

The last thing you want is to have broken bulb pieces on your balcony. Most people tend to hang their string lights with the bulbs on, which ends up badly for them. Bulbs usually come in a separate box, and they should stay there until you’re done. Bulbs will be placed last.

Screw the Screw Eye Hooks Where You Want the String Lights

Screw eye hooks are more durable than nails. Remember to set a path that the string lights need to follow before hanging them. The best thing about using the screw eye hooks is that you can screw them using bare hands, especially on a wooden surface. However, you need a tool like pliers to screw them on concrete or other more robust surfaces.

Depending on the size of your balcony and the length of the cord, we recommend spreading them between 4 and 5 bulbs. This way, the cord will not hang too low or stretch tight enough to break. It also helps the cord to withstand the stronger winds in case of a storm.

Use a D Ring Clip to Connect the Screw Hook to the Molded Loop

Every string light cord has a molded loop with a small hole in it.

  • First, you’d need to connect the D Ring clip to the molded loop. A small screw on the D ring clip opens up a small space where you can squeeze into the molded loop. Once done, screw it back to close the space, and you have connected the molded loop to the D ring clip.
  • Next, you’ll squeeze the top side of the D ring clip to the screw hook on the wall. It doesn’t take much to achieve this. Make sure the D ring clip goes into the hook completely until there is a ‘pop.’ This helps to protect the cord from slipping and breaking the bulbs later on due to the weight.

Screw the Bulbs in Place

The final step is screwing the bulbs, and you’re done. The bulbs come in a separate box to avoid breaking them. You have the option of using a single color for your bulbs or using multiple colors. Again, this will depend on the event and your taste.

You can talk to a professional exterior decorator to come up with some ideas to spice up the design.

Important Things to Know When Hanging Your String Lights

Every project has crucial details that help to save time and money. Hanging string lights is not different, and knowing the following can help a lot:

  • Have someone to help: Getting help can accelerate the work and cut down the time you spend stringing the lights. Whether it’s an adult or a child, you’ll be amazed at how much a helper can contribute.
  • Compare the string lights before you buy: With different string lights available for sale, choosing a type will depend on your taste. However, you can compare different brands online at etc. Asking your friends for recommendations will save you time as well.
  • Know the surface of the wall: Nails are great for any wall surface, but they don’t have a longer lifespan. Screw eye hooks require little effort and have a longer lifespan. In the case of stucco walls, you need to get wall anchors that are specific to this type of wall.

How to Hang String Lights on Balcony Railing

There are different kind of balcony railings and types of string lights, but a simple way to hang string lights on balcony railings is simply to circle the cord around and along the railing.

Why Should You Hang String Lights on Your Balcony?

String lights can lighten up the mood and turn a plain space into something fabulous. Depending on the color and the decoration style you choose, several occasions call for string lights.

You may choose to hang string lights from your balcony for the following occasions:

  • Festive season: Whether it’s Christmas or New Year’s Eve, people have been hanging string lights on their balconies to celebrate holidays for years, which helps to improve the look of their homes during seasonal festivities.
  • Dinner dates: Treating your partner to a balcony dinner date might not sound fancy, but it’s worth the effort. Depending on your creativity, you can turn a simple balcony into a beautiful memory for your partner.
  • Give your home a curb appeal: You don’t have to be in a festive or a romantic mood to hang string lights on your balcony. You can do it to improve your home’s look. You don’t even have to light them every night. String lights are simple but attractive enough to turn a normal home into something worth looking at.

Final note on how to hang string lights on balcony

String lights are amazing and can transform your boring balcony into a fantastical place. With this simple guide, you now know how to hang string lights on balcony within a day. Beside string lights, here’s a list of five accessories that can transform your balcony experience.


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