How To Keep Pigeons Off Balcony Efficiently (13 Methods)

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Keeping pigeons off a balcony can be a pretty difficult task. In this article, we will show you how to get rid of pigeons on balcony and how to keep pigeons off balcony once they have been removed.

The best way to get rid of pigeons from a balcony or a garden is to stop them from coming in the first place. Keep reading to find out how to prevent pigeons from coming and how to repel and deter pigeons if they’re already there!

Why do pigeons keep coming to my balcony?

Most people assume that pigeons are stupid animals. However, this is not always the case. In fact, pigeons are very intelligent creatures and they use their intelligence to survive.

Pigeons have an amazing ability to remember where they have been and what they have seen. This might be why pigeons keep coming to your balcony even though you have never given them any food or water.

They may like your balcony for other reasons, such as:

  • Good views
  • Protection from bad weather and predators
  • Good place for nesting

How to get rid of pigeons on balcony

Many people have a problem with pigeons on their balconies. Luckily, there are many ways to get rid of pigeons from your home, but the most effective way is usually to use a combination of methods.

Just below, you’ll find a table with all the control methods to deter and repel pigeons summarized. After the table, short paragraphs dedicated to each approach will follow, with crucial details on installation and efficacy.

Summary of the best pigeon deterrents & repellents

Get rid of foodZeroVery EasyEffective
Reflective tapeLowEasyModerately effective
Old CDsLowEasyModerately effective
Repellent gelLowEasyModerately effective
Aluminum foilLowEasyModerately effective
Plastic owl decoyLowEasyEffective
Rubber snakeLowEasyEffective
Bird spikesLowEasyModerately effective
NettingMiddle-ExpensiveCan be difficultVery effective
Bird fence/wireMiddle-ExpensiveCan be difficultVery effective
Sounds of raptorsLow-MiddleEasyModerately effective
Trained raptorsExpensiveDifficultEffective
Pigeon repellent sprayLowEasyModerately effective

1. Get rid of food (and water)

To keep pigeons away from your balcony, you need to remove any food and water sources. The best way to do this is by cleaning up any spilled food or garbage around the balcony area.

If there are any bowls or similar with water, remove these as well. This will make it less attractive to them and may discourage them from returning.

Finally, now is also a good time to be getting rid of pigeon poop by cleaning the balcony floor. However, people with weakened immune systems can become very sick from cleaning up pigeon droppings and breathing in spores. Be very careful and take proper precautions (more on this in the F.A.Q. under the article).

2. Reflective tape

Reflective and adhesive tape (Amazon link) can be purchased at just about any store and is very easy to apply. Simply peel off a piece of the tape and attach it to the railing or wall adjacent to where the pigeons are congregating.

The reflective qualities of the tape are said to cause them to fly away from the area.

3. Old CDs

Pigeons can be discouraged from roosting or nesting on balconies by using old CDs. The reflections from the CDs will disturb and scare the pigeons, and they will eventually go elsewhere to nest.

It is important to hang the CDs in a way that creates a lot of movement and reflection; otherwise, the pigeons may become used to the CDs and not be scared away. One simple way to do this is by using fishing line or insulation wire to hang them.

4. Repellent gel

A pigeon repellent gel (Amazon link) is made of a viscous, oily substance that pigeons don’t like the feel of and will avoid. To apply the gel, use a brush or a spray bottle to cover the areas where pigeons have been nesting or roosting. The repellent should be reapplied every few weeks, or as needed.

5. Aluminum foil

Another way how to keep pigeons off balcony is to use aluminum foil. The common explanation for how aluminum foil deters pigeons is that the foil creates an uncomfortable environment for the birds.

The foil blocks the sunlight that the pigeons rely on to orient themselves, and it also creates a noisy environment as the aluminum rubs against itself.

This combination of factors makes it difficult for the pigeons to stay on the balcony, so they will typically move on to a more comfortable location.

6. Plastic owl decoy

One way to keep the pigeons from landing on your balcony is to install one or more owl decoys (Amazon link). The fake owl will scare the pigeons away, as they think it’s a real predator. This is a cheap and easy way to protect your balcony from these birds.

Fake owl placed on balcony railing.

However, if the pigeons become used to seeing the owl decoy at the same spot, week after week, month after month, they might realize that it is a decoy and go back to their old routines. To prevent this, try to move the fake owl to different places on your balcony once a week or so!

7. Rubber snake

The Rubber snake (Amazon link) is effective in keeping pigeons off of balconies because it mimics the movement and appearance of a predator. When the pigeons see the rubber snake, they usually become scared and fly away.

When learning how to get rid of pigeons on balcony using a snake decoy, try to move it around from time to time, just like we mentioned in the previous paragraph about the fake owl.

8. Bird spikes

You can use special spikes (Amazon link) (called ‘bird spikes’ or ‘bird stoppers’) that are designed to prevent pigeons from landing and nesting on your balcony. Bird spikes are typically fastened on the balcony railing, urn, or plant pot.

There are a few different kinds of bird spikes available, but they are usually made out of plastic. Try to find ones that will not physically hurt the pigeons.

9. Netting

One of the very best ways to keep pigeons off your balcony is by using netting (Amazon link). This will prevent them from being able to land on the surface and will discourage them from coming back. Make sure to attach the netting securely to the railing or wall so that the pigeons cannot get underneath it.

Drawbacks: You might need a professional to install the netting for you. Netting is effective, but not very pretty. The video below shows how to install balcony netting.

10. Bird fence/wire

Installing a bird fence can be done by buying a pre-made bird fence or by creating your own out of chicken wire or other materials. The bird fence should be placed around the perimeter of the balcony and should be tall enough to keep the pigeons from getting onto the balcony.

Again, you might need a professional to install the fence for you. A bird fence is effective, but not beautiful to look at.

11. Sounds of raptors

The use of raptor sounds is a popular method for keeping pigeons off of balconies. By playing these sounds, the pigeons will be scared away, as they believe that a predator is nearby. This method is relatively cheap and easy to do, and it does not require any harsh chemicals or other harmful methods.

12. Trained raptors

Some people try to keep pigeons off their balconies by using trained raptors. Raptors are birds of prey, such as hawks or falcons, which have been trained to attack and kill other birds.

When used in this way, a raptor can be very effective at deterring pigeons from landing on a balcony. The presence of a raptor can also be very intimidating to other birds, which may keep them from landing in the area at all.

Drawbacks: Hiring a professional with a trained raptor such as a hawk, for example, will be costly, and will most likely only solve the pigeon problem for the short term.

This is the only method of pigeon control we have mentioned that includes killing pigeons. Even though it might help, we do not recommend or support this method – it was only included for informational purposes.

13. Pigeon repellent spray

Pigeon repellent spray will deter the pigeons from landing on your balcony and make them fly away. The repellent spray usually has a foul smell that will discourage the pigeons from coming near.

Make sure to apply this pest control spray in areas where the pigeons are most likely to land, such as on the railing, on the furniture, or on top of the door.

How to keep pigeons away from balcony

The best way how to keep pigeons away from balcony for the long term is by installing a proper pigeon netting system. If you’re handy, you can do this yourself, but the better option is most likely to hire a professional for this operation.

How to keep pigeons off balcony railing

To keep pigeons off your balcony railing, we suggest using a fake owl or fake hawk (or several of those), in combination with harmless bird spikes attached to the railing.

If these methods do not work, you can try capping the railing with wire mesh or covering it with a net.

Final thoughts on how to keep pigeons off balcony

In conclusion, there are several methods that can be used to keep pigeons off a balcony for the long term. One of the most effective is to install a physical barrier, such as netting or fence.

Another is to use a repellent, such as a fake predator, perhaps in combination with noise deterrents.

Finally, regular cleaning and maintenance of the balcony can help to keep pigeons away over time. If there are pigeon nests on your balcony, you should remove these first before applying the methods mentioned.

PS. If you would like to attract smaller and friendlier birds, here is how you do it.

Frequently asked questions:

Are pigeon droppings harmful to humans?

While pigeon droppings may seem like a harmless nuisance, they can actually be harmful to humans. Pigeon droppings contain a variety of bacteria, which can cause serious health problems. They can also spread diseases like Histoplasmosis, which can cause severe problems.

People with weakened immune systems can become very sick from cleaning up pigeon droppings and breathing in spores. Be very careful and take proper precautions.

Pigeon droppings can also cause damage to buildings and property, as they are acidic and can corrode metal and concrete.

What do pigeons hate?

Some of the most common things that pigeons seem to dislike are loud noises and being around other animals, especially predators. Pigeons also seem to dislike the smell of vinegar.

How to deter pigeons

There are a few ways to deter pigeons. One is to use a repellent, which is a substance that makes the area unpleasant for them. Another way to deter them is to make the area uncomfortable, like by making it noisy with a machine that emits sound or by installing a fake owl that looks scary to them.

How to scare pigeons with sound

Pigeons are afraid of certain sounds that are associated with potential threats, such as predators or thunderstorms. Many people and businesses have found success in scaring away pigeons from an area by making loud noises or using a bird scare machine that plays the sounds of predators.

How to keep pigeons away from balcony plants

One way to keep pigeons away from balcony plants is to place a wire mesh fence around the plants. This will help to keep the pigeons from landing on the plants and damaging them. Another way to keep the pigeons away is to place visual deterrents in or close to the plants, such as predator decoys, to scare the pigeons away.

How to keep pigeons away from apartment balcony

There are a variety of ways to keep pigeons away from apartment balconies. One way is to install a wire fence around the balcony that is too small for the pigeons to fit through. Another way is to hang fake predator birds or snakes near the edge of the balcony to scare the pigeons away.

How do I prevent pigeons from coming on my balcony?

There are several ways to prevent pigeons from coming to your balcony. One way is to install a pigeon net or barrier. Another way is to install pigeon spikes on the railing of your balcony. These spikes will deter the pigeons from landing on the railing and will make it difficult for them to perch. You can also use a pigeon repellent to keep the pigeons away from your balcony.

How to keep pigeons off balcony NYC

There is no one definitive way to keep pigeons off a balcony in New York City. Some people have reported success using a combination of methods, such as spikes on the railing, netting or wire mesh, and bird-repelling gel or liquid. Others have had more success with simple bird deterrents, such as loud noises or fake predators.

How to get rid of pigeons naturally

There are a few ways to get rid of pigeons naturally. One way is to use a fake owl or hawk to scare them away. Another way is to put up a fence or netting to keep them from landing.

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