How to Stop Rain Water Coming from Balcony (5 Top Solutions)

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The most ideal way how to stop rain water coming from balcony is by using a waterproof material in the form of a retractable awning, rain curtains, outdoor blinds, or some other such covering.

However, you could get resourceful about the rain water and collect it for personal use or watering your small garden. Irrespective of what method you choose, you must first evaluate how the rain comes in, how often it rains in your area, and what your budget can tolerate.

For this article, we have inspected and compiled the best solutions available on how to stop rain water coming from balcony – keep reading to find out which option is the best for you!

Why Water Dripping from Balcony above Is Bad

When water drips from the balcony above, this can cause several issues. Not only will it pool up onto your balcony but it can also destroy grout as well as splitting and peeling paint. If there’s enough rain, it will create water stains on the underside of the balcony as well as on the internal ceiling.

All of this can result in mold, mildew, and weakened structural joints, which will be expensive to replace. Plus, it can make opening and closing the balcony door difficult due to warping. Therefore, you have to know how to stop rain water coming from balcony.

How to Stop Rain Water Coming from Balcony above

The best method how to stop rain water coming from balcony above is by using a door/window covering. Things like retractable awnings, foldable glass panels, or faux wood blinds will be ideal. But, if you’re in a pinch, you can use some yard-sized garbage bags.

But before employing any methods to inhibit the rainwater, you have to observe how the rain comes in. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • From which direction does the rain come in? Does it come directly in, down, or from the side?
  • Does the direction of rainfall ever change?
  • Does the rainwater pour in all at once or is there a drip pattern to it?
  • How often does this happen? Is it every time it rains or only during certain types of weather involving rain?

Devising the Right Plan of Action

Answering these questions will help you devise an effective plan of action. For instance, if the rain comes from above but drips sideways, you will want some way to create water runoff from your balcony. Using something like glass panels won’t do much.

However, if the water dripping from above is covering your balcony and seeping into the house, with the risk of damaging your interior, then you will want rain curtains or blinds. Additionally, it will be crucial to know how to take care of and water-proof your balcony decking tiles.

How Do I Stop Rain Water on My Balcony (In General)

Understand you won’t probably be able to “stop” rainwater on your balcony completely. This will be especially true if monsoons or other heavy downpours are a regular occurrence.

However, you can attempt to control and direct the water as a means of how to stop rain water coming from balcony above.

Rain on balcony window at high-rise building.

But, if you live in a rental apartment, you will need a more temporary solution. Since most leases forbid installing anything into the balcony itself, you can use plastic sheeting, a tarp, or invest in specially designed rain curtains.

For exposed balconies, speak with your landlord about rainwater prevention methods.

Regardless, use the questions in the section above and apply them to your general situation. Evaluate how the rain is coming in and how you can redirect or inhibit it. You could use a tarp and secure it in the direction where the rain falls. But, you can angle it in such a way so the rain flows off.

5 Balcony Covering Materials and Solutions

The tips below are the five balcony-covering materials and solutions that are the best ways in how to stop rain water coming from balcony. Some of the suggestions have previous mentions from above and others are new.

1. Transparent Balcony Rain Curtains

You can look into rain curtains (Amazon link) for protecting your balcony. However, they do tend to be a little pricy and if you’re on a budget, it may not be expedient to buy them. Therefore, you can try stringing up some shower curtains (Amazon link). They cost less money and they guard water all the same.

The difference between them and their design, though, is that curtains designed to prevent rain are heavier, mildew resistant, and should stay closed on their own. Shower curtains tend to be light. If there’s a strong wind, it will quickly become an exercise in futility.

However, you could opt for glass panels instead (as seen in the video right below) or in addition to other prevention methods like rain curtains. Many of these are ones you will have to install. This will be handy if the rain direction changes frequently.

2. Plastic Rain Cover for Balcony

Of course, using some kind of waterproof plastic rain cover (Amazon link) is best in how to stop rain water coming from balcony. There are many materials available for this and most of them are quite affordable. There are ones that comprise PVC, Polyurethane Polyester, or water-resistant plastics.

Then there’s the option of using something like a standard plastic tarp (Amazon link). You can cover the balcony’s surface, the doorway or use it to angle the water flow away from the balcony.

3. Outdoor Blinds for Balcony

Like rain curtains, there are blinds you can put up on your balcony to inhibit rainwater from coming in. These come in a host of materials, styles, and designs. There are bamboo blinds, faux wood blinds treated to be waterproof, transparent PVC blinds (Amazon links), or various fabric blinds.

The best ones will come with weight on the bottom to reduce weather damage to the blinds. You install them in a similar way as you would indoor ones. It will require putting in a fixture on the walls outside.

4. Installing a Balcony Top Cover

In the event you want to use a top cover as your method of how to stop rain water coming from balcony above, you can use something like a retractable awning (HomeDepot link).

However, your exterior installation will heavily rely on whether you own or rent your home. If you rent, an awning might be out of the question.

For homeowners, you will have to have someone qualified enough to install it for you. The good news is that it’s not as expensive as you might think!

5. Balcony Rain Cover DIY

Then there’s always the option of a DIY rain cover for your balcony. This will come in handy if you don’t experience something like monsoons but need something for those occasional deluges. In this case, you can devise anything that will be most appropriate to your needs.

Rainwater Collection

Sometimes, the best thing to do is use the water to your advantage. You could try and attempt to collect it. There are systems you can install but you could also use a large bucket or barrel. Rainwater is great for washing hair and has a myriad of uses in skincare (as long as you don’t live in heavily air-polluted areas of course).

That said, you have to ensure the rainwater isn’t first touching materials like asbestos, iron, tin, or aluminum. These have the potential to raise serious health issues. For instance, asbestos is a known cancer-causing agent and aluminum contributes to Alzheimer’s disease.

So, if the rain is touching things like brick, ceramic tile, stucco, or granite, these will be most desirable. In the case you’re interested in this method, you will have to inspect your balcony area and check its materials. This will ensure they’ll be safe enough when in contact with rain.

Gardening Options

However, you could also use rainwater for plants, flowers, and growing food on your balcony. Put your inside plants out on the balcony when it rains and pull them in when they’ve had enough. Also, have green growing things that require lots of water, this will be especially useful if you live in an area with a monsoon season.

Once again, you have to make sure it’s pure rain that isn’t first coming into contact with substances that can be harmful to the plants.

Finally, you can arrange bigger plants on your balcony in such a way as to prevent water from coming in. Taller ferns and small trees are ideal.

Final Thoughts on How to Stop Rain Water Coming From Balcony

You’ve now gotten a walk-through on how to stop rain water coming from balcony and the top 5 solutions to prevent rain water from damaging your balcony and apartment. Balconies on houses and on buildings are valuable and much-loved objects, but they do need proper care and maintenance.

We sincerely hope this article has contributed to you solving your rain water issues!

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